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GRC&UHPC Concept Design
Vulkan Advanced Engineering (VAE) is poised to revolutionize urban infrastructure with its next-generation products that blend functionality with an environmental vision. VAE is venturing into the domain of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) to create LED translucent concrete benches and exterior cladding solutions. These innovative materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban landscapes but also serve a dual purpose by incorporating photovoltaic elements that purify air, effectively reducing vehicular pollution.
Imagine benches that not only provide restful seating but also light up pathways with a soft glow, contributing to safer city environments. VAE's exterior cladding, with its customizable perforated designs, promises not only a striking facade but also acts as a catalyst in breaking down pollutants, thanks to the embedded photocatalytic technology.
These cutting-edge applications in highway and road construction are not just about infrastructure; they're about creating a sustainable, functional art. VAE is committed to embedding clean technology into the very fabric of urban life, ensuring that every concrete panel and bench isn't just a part of the cityscape but an active participant in urban wellbeing.
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