From Measurement to Installation

We offer a selection of specialised services from precise measurement to laser cutting, to fabrication, to surface processing and spraying on through to installation.

VAE offers a unique end to end solution to bring your ideas into being.

Metal Fabrication and Installation

  • Modern Wrought Iron Manufacturing (Laser cut panels, features and partitions)
  • Aluminium/Wrought iron balustrades
  • Glass designs – framed, semi-frameless and frameless
  • Louvered screens, privacy screens, glass screens
  • Structural staircases and stringers
  • Automatic and manual gates (swinging or sliding_
  • Fence infills
  • Side gates and pedestrian gates
  • All types of pool fencing
  • Window grilles
  • Security Doors

Laser Cutting

Metal Surface Processing

Sandblasting & Thermal Spraying Metalisation

For the steel/aluminum, you can select the Sand Blasting option, or not.

However, if you do want to add a Thermal Spray (Zinc coating/Copper Coating), the sand blasting is a must-do pre-treatment.

Steel Fabrication Surface Treatment Options

Customers have three choices for the surface treatment:
1) Powder Coating
2) Sand Blasting, then Powder Coating
3) Sand Blasting, Zinc Coating then Powder Coating.

Thermal Arc Spraying

Thermal arc spraying provides a superior quality finish with greater performance than painting or hot dipped galvanizing.

Hot Metal Spray, Thermal Arc Spray, and Metalizing all provide a superior quality finish offering you greater performance than painting or hot dipped galvanizing.

In this process alloys are sprayed onto a substrate, providing a highly protective coating that also delivers a unique desired architectural finish.

Paint can be applied immediately over metal-sprayed finish to provide a high level finish with extremely long corrosion resistance. This application forms a mechanical bond to the substrate creating high adhesion coating and protects the steel from corrosion and offers long-term corrosion protection to steel structures exposed to aggressive environments, which can exceed the durability of the coating

These coatings have a high heat resistance and can be applied without distorting the metal.

VAS, offers you finishng services that accommodates unlimited application size. And, where there is full control over the coating thickness.

3D Laser Measuring System

We are using new-cutting edge laser measuring systems for on-site survey of present structures, buildings and their interior. The 3D Disto can literally measure or project to ANY location in a room or around a building in three dimensions while visualizing and documenting the results immediately on a high resolution display. Currently, Leica D810 and Disto 3D are applied in our 3D measuring and CAM applications.